About Us

Transparent Armor Systems (TAS) is a manufacturer of certified ballistic glass and frame systems for defense, automotive and architectural applications. With 50 years of combined experience in armor engineering and design, we understand the challenges faced by our clients and have devolved many unique and effective solutions in response. Our production facilities house state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, enabling our engineers and skilled production personnel to implement production processes that provide the highest quality transparent products possible with the shortest lead times in the industry. With our combination of in-depth field experience, manufacturing prowess and engineering acumen, we look forward to continually serving our clients around the world by providing high quality, customized transparent armor systems.

Our Mission

To continually exceed our customers’ expectations in safety, product quality, product range and fast delivery.

Our Vision

To help protect lives with innovative designs and products meeting even the most challenging tasks.


We believe that we are all impacted by the potential environmental consequences of global climate change, and we realize that a commitment to “going green” means more than energy efficiency or reducing our carbon footprint. By applying energy efficient production methods and recycling more than 95% of our waste we are keeping up with our commitment.